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The American Legion 

Department of New Hampshire

Membership Newsletter

March 2013


Dear Legionnaires:

We have hit our 6th National goal for February; a great job done by all. Our next goal is coming up fast, March 14, 2013 for 90%; we need 1,735 to make our 100% goal. We have move up in the National standing of Departments. We are in 36th out of the 55 Departments. We also move up in the Northeast Region to 8th out of 13. Please get all membership into Lisa before March 8th; they need time to process them.

We have 18 Posts now that are at 100%, we had 23 last year at this time. Post 91 Candia, Post 73 Northwood, Post 116 Dunbarton, Post 54 Bedford, Post 5 Peterborough, Post 63 Salem, Post 42 Barnstead, Post 55 Canaan, Post 80 Lyme, Post 46 Conway, Post 95 North Conway, Post 108 Chester, Post 72 Alton, Post 44 Winchester, Post 57 Alstead, Post 112 Epsom, Post 102 Gilmanton, Post 86 Chesterfield, Post 23 Milford and Post 53 Charlestown. A Very Great Job done by these Postís. We have 40 Posts that need 15 or less for 100%, keep pushing those renewals and new members.

Iím doing a mini-revitalization for the other Districts, just like we did for District 5. As I go through the updated list from Department on the DMSís and Post 200ís members. I will be mailing them out to those Posts. You can also work on the Post 200ís listing I mail out to all Posts & District3 last fall.

Here is the Districts line up for highest % is; 7-2-6-1-3-4-5-8.

We have 12 Posts that are under the 80% mark; if these Posts need help with membership? Please contact your DVC, District Commander or myself. (Post 32 Exeter, Post 60 Farmington, Post 67 Newmarket, Post113 New Durham, Post 9 Derry, Post 43 Manchester, Post 100 Pelham, Post 28 Suncook, Post 103 Deerfield, Post 96 Danbury, Post 101 Andover, Post Colebrook 62.)

So far we have 54 Posts and 2 Districts sign up for Mylegion.org; this is a great tool for Membership and itís FREE.


"Membership is everyone responsibility; Ask a Veteran to join today"

Remember the 3 "R"s - RECRUIT - RETAIN - REINSTATE

"The American Legion Four Pillars of Service"

"Defense - Veterans - Youth - Patriotism"

If you have any questions or have more ideas, please feel free to contact me either e-mail or phone.

Still Serving America,

Mark "Grim" Grimshaw,

Department Membership Chairman

603-918-7545, e-mail nhmembership@comcast.net

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